Student Involvement

ALLies Club

ALLies is a club dedicated toward the promotion of acceptance and advancement for gender and sexual minorities. ALLies club began as only a handful of students who, with an equally small number of faculty, came together sporadically, holding their meetings in the chapel basement. Over time, this group of students came to number into the fifties, becoming one of the largest clubs at Gettysburg College. At present, ALLies Club meets on a weekly basis. Meetings generally consist of planning club events and discussing subjects of relevance to the queer community. These meetings allow individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities to come together and frankly discuss issue in a safe environment; all subjects discussed during meetings are protected by the confidentiality that ALLies provides. ALLies hosts a myriad of events each year, ranging for a lively drag show to monthly film and documentary airings as well as a dance where everyone portrays another gender. The hope of all of these events is to have individuals learn more about the queer community and think deeply on how the queer community impacts their own lives.

ALLies House

ALLies House is an established theme house that is committed to raising awareness about queer issues, queer culture, as well as providing a safe space on campus for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Although this house is, in nature, very queer-friendly and queer-positive, living in this house is not limited to queer students. All Gettysburg College students are eligible to live within ALLies House, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, involvement in ALLies. Although ALLies House and ALLies Club, collaborate on various project they are not, by any means, the same. ALLies House exists independently of ALLies Club and vise versa. ALLies House contributes to the campus community by hosting events as well as distributing educational material. ALLies House has hosted several film screenings; a meet and greet with female impersonators; as well as numerous others.

Student Created Library Guide

Hannah Leone chalks the library sidewalks.

Gettysburg College students are well-known for their ability to take initiative and impact their community. Due to the efforts of Hannah Leone, Class of 2014, Gettysburg College is able to take great pride in a library research guide that is dedicated to LGBTQA resources. Hannah has compiled an abundance of books, films, documentaries, and other valuable sources to educate and inform on data pertinent to the LGBTQA community. This library guide is still under construction, gradually growing into an even larger database. At present, one can review information on the bisexual community, the transgender community, and LGBTQA culture as a whole. In the future, this library guide will encompass information geared towards other portions of the acronym- such as sections featuring the lesbian community and the asexual community.