Welcome to The Attic!

The Attic is a nightclub that offers students the opportunity to program events in the space.
It accommodates approximately 450+ students and provides a social venue for student
parties and special events. The Attic is available for booking only. Students can book
The Attic on Friday and Saturday nights and during the week for special events.


A Short History of The Attic

In 1998 after surveying the student body, it was determined that students had a desire for more late night social options. In addition, focus groups indicated a need for a medium sized venue with a club atmosphere. So in 1999, two students traveled the east coast, visiting colleges to research late night/weekend social events and venues.

It was determined that what our campus needed was a student centered, student designed, and student run nightclub. This nightclub would provide more social options and a common gathering place for students. It would allow for a wide variety of events to be programmed in the space. In addition, it would contain all the elements of a professionally operated nightclub.

In May of 2000, the Board of Trustees approved funding of the space. A core committee of students was formed, and the architect and core engineers were chosen. Over the summer and fall of 2000, the students worked with the architect and college life members to create The Attic all the way from research to the name of the venue, interior design, logo design, technical requirements, advertising, entertainment ideas, and marketing materials.

Construction began in October, and the grand opening celebration was held on March 23, 2001. The Attic has since gained such popularity that students are willing to wait outside in long lines for a chance to get in. The Attic has held numerous events and continues to enjoy a stream of success.

Our Mission

Gettysburg College students are considered adults, with the adult privileges of privacy and autonomy, and with adult accountability for their actions. The Attic is therefore founded on the idea that students can and should take the primary responsibility for their own social life.

1. The Attic will provide a new, different and complementary site for student extracurricular life. The Attic will be characterized by a relaxed, informal atmosphere that is conducive to positive social interaction.

2. The Attic will contribute positively to the total educational experience of the College by providing a facility, program, and atmosphere that encourages the free exchange and exploration of ideas.

3. The Attic will provide a site for the legal consumption of alcohol on campus for those who are 21 and above.

4. The Attic will enable students to participate in creating the social life of the campus by having the responsibility to plan and run their own social events.

What's Inside The Attic

Professionally engineered sound system for live performances/DJ music
Professionally engineered lighting systems for stage and dance floor
Big screen video projection system
Bar/beverage serving area
Warming kitchen
Pool table

Policies for Admission

Gettysburg College students are allowed one guest per event. Only Gettysburg College students 21 and over with college ID and wristband will be served alcohol. Alcohol is not provided for guests.