If you need some pointers on how to maintain membership, track participation hours, send group emails or become involved on campus please read the How-To guide!

Each Gettysburg College student organization and club must register with the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life every semester in order to be recognized by Gettysburg College.  A registration form and updated constitution must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life Office Clubs' Liaison, Anabel Waplinger, at waplan01@gettysburg.edu.  

There is a registration process for maintaining leadership and membership status in the PeopleSoft program which can be accessed through the Student Center. If your club or organization needs assistance in navigating the new system, please contact the Clubs' Liaison.  Updates should be made regularly.

Clubs and organizations, please submit the following materials:

  1. Student Organization Registration Form
  2. Constitution (if you are a new organization or have an updated version)
  3. Advisor Letter of Verification (Must be submitted once a year)

Additional Info

  1. Read the "How To"...
  2. If you'd like to have a picture on your landing page or would like control of some webspace, please contact the clubs liaison.