Community First-Year Experience

Goals & Values of FYE:

The Office of Student Activities and First-Year Programs, along with the Office of Residence Life, host FYE.  The program will help you build a strong foundation in support of your academic and out-of-class experiences.  This experience will open doors to show you:

  •  The benefits of a liberal arts education
  •  The different ways to engage in life at Gettysburg
  •  How to maximize your experience here by being aware of the different activities, courses and overall opportunities the College offers.

FYE is designed to guide you towards finding your place within Gettysburg College.


FYE Curriculum:

There are three segments to the program: Core Sessions, Community Meetings, & Elective Sessions.

Core Sessions

-Explore topics that impact academic and out-of-classroom experiences.

-These include the library information session, time management information session, academic life information session, the Paul Wesselman presentation, and Fall Convocation

Community Meetings

-Monthly floor meetings within residence halls

-Reflect on citizenship and provide residential updates

-Serve as a time to establish expectations and to form relationships with those living on your floor

Elective Sessions 

-Provide the chance to connect with people throughout campus

-Explore topics that assist in getting the most from your Gettysburg experience. 



E-mail Allie Serina, the student First-Year Experience Coordinator, at or contact the Office of Student Activities & First-Year Programs at 717-337-6304.

Class of 2016 - Orientation

Allie Serina '13

Hi Everybody! I'd like to formally introduce myself as the First-Year Experience Coordinator for the Class of 2016. We have worked very hard this year to ensure that you all get all possible benefits from the program. Through FYE you will continue to learn beyond the classroom and develop tools that you will be able to use to make changes within our community and beyond! We are really excited about the opportunities presented to the first-year class through these programs! If you have any questions about FYE, or even about Gettysburg College, I'd be more than happy to answer them. You can contact me at