Please follow these 9 Simple steps to send your print jobs to the CUB from your home PC or laptop.



XP Pro users:

1. From your desktop, select the start button and then select "printers and faxes".

2. Select "Add a Printer"


3. If asked about Plug and Play, select "next"


4. Select the option to install a network printer and select "next"


5. Select the option to "find a printer in the directory" and select "next"


6. In the name field, type in cubdesk and select "Find Now"


7. Depending on what driver you want to install, choose either the PS or PCL and select "OK"


8. Make sure "No" is selected and select "next"


9. Select "Finish"


You're all set. Click print, and pick it up at the CUB.  The color Laserjet is now installed.

Please call x6300 with any questions.