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On Friday, March 20th, six Gettysburg College students set off to attend the Model United Nations Conference in The Hague. Over the next week, they will be updating this blog with posts about their experience.



Friday March 20:  Leave for the Netherlands
Saturday March 21:  Arrive in the Netherlands, head to hotel and take a look around the city
Sunday March 22:  Register for the conference and attend Opening Ceremonies.
Monday March 23:  First Committee Sessions and a visit to the International Criminal Court, and Global Village (the first big Social Event wherein teams set up tables to host a variety of their country's cuisine and culture).
Tuesday March 24:  More Committee Sessions; in-conference visits to International Court of Criminal Justice, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and the International Court of Justice; symposium on International Criminal Law, Committee dinners, and another social event dubbed "Rock Your WorldMUN"
Wednesday March 25:  Committee Sessions, in-conference visits, and Cabaret Night (performance-based social event)
Thursday March 25:  Committee Sessions, Amsterdam visit for "Queen's Day" (not on the actual date, but intended to mimic the celebration)
Friday March 26:  Last Committee Session, NGO Workshops, Closing Ceremonies and final Farewell Party
Saturday March 27:  Return to US

Pre-trip Reflections

Katie McDaniel '09 Katie
Although I've participated in Model United Nations Conferences before, I've never been so lucky in my committee assignment.  Being assigned Madame Mao on the Chinese Politburo is up there on the most excited moments of my life.  So, I naturally don't want to mess this up.  Luckily, my interest with Asian affairs has already given me some background information on the woman.  I honed in on my knowledge by researching her concrete political stances, as well as becoming more comfortable with her character as a whole.  She was one strong individual:  she wasn't afraid to charge head-on into conflict and make herself known. 

Of course, history tells us her attitude had a nasty backlash later on.  A lot of people have also been pre-programmed to hate her, which I won't say is unwarranted.  I understand that we all have our reasons, but I want to be able to encapsulate her without showing any hate or admiration.  In order to do this, I need to be as bias as possible...which means I have to read all sorts of critiques on her character.  How well did I do this?  We'll see.  I've got my fingers crossed.

Justin Kollinger '10 Justin
It is currently Wednesday night, 34 hours before I leave campus.  The research is done, Israel's views on weaponization of space and ethno-separatist terrorism are defined, and the paperwork is complete.  My bags are not packed, but mentally I have been in The Hague all week.  I have spent a rare waking moment this week without wondering if I have everything important in Gettysburg and ready to pack.  Now that I am just about ready to go, it's down to waiting for 9:00AM Friday when we get into the college van headed for DC.

Patrick Hughes '10 Patrick
Here I am in my room thinking of what to pack in preparation for our trip to The Hague, Netherlands, where I and Five other students would be participating in the Annual World Model United nations Conference.  We shall be representing Gettysburg College as an Institution and as Delegates from Israel.  This conference allows students from all over the world to take a stab at drafting resolutions that could help resolve pressing world issues that affect us today and issues that have the potential to destroy our world tomorrow.  I and Justin Kollinger would be delegates representing Israel on the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).  On this committee we shall be addressing the issues of Weaponization of Space and Ethno-Nationalist and Separatist Terrorism in the 21st Century.  I and my co-delegate have spent the past weeks discussing strategies and researching Israel’s position on these topics.

Funny enough, the excitement of the trip is mounting, the drive to effect change is aroused and the fear of the unknown is present, but the desire to do "great work" has never been so profound.  Please join me on this trip which tends to be quite an eye opener on how much information, knowledge and power we possess as individuals, when we come together to advocate settlements and peaceful coexistence.

PS. More information is provided on the worldmun website.

Navdeep Sokhey '11 Navdeep
I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to attend World MUN in The Hague this year. I'll be representing Israel in my committee this time, and I can't wait to get into character. But apart from committee sessions, I am, of course, thrilled to be visiting The Netherlands! It will be an extremely rewarding experience, and I can't wait to discover the wonderful experience that the country has to offer me.



Sneha Shrestha '11 Sneha
I am very excited to be visiting Europe again right after my study abroad in Geneva. Now it's even better because this conference is going to bring together people from all over the world. I can't wait to meet and interact with people from various backgrounds but a common interest in solving the world's problems. It must be the most diverse college-conference ever and as the "Head delegate" of my awesome Gettysburg College delegation, I am feeling pretty good about this Harvard Model United Conference in The Hague.