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Sunday in Delft
Cathrine Toner '11
After two flights, a train, and a trolley, we finally arrived at our hotel in The Netherlands. Having the whole day a head of us, we went into the center of The Hague, full of shops, restaurants, and bakeries. Following a quick dinner, we were all anxious to get a full night's sleep.

Today, feeling new and improved, Katie and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to Delft, a historical and quaint town outside The Hague. Even though it started out rocky (we might have gotten off at the wrong stop) we have an absolutely lovely time. Starting at the Old Church we walked around, waiting for the city's museum to open. While we waited, we had the most fabulous time at a little café, making fast friends with the waiters. When the museum opened, we were shocked by the amount of history that was inside. We simply could not believe that were standing in the home of William of Orange. We learned that he was assassinated on the same stairs that we walked up on. On a lighter note, we continued on to the center of the town, in between the Old Church and the New Church. Despite the chilly Holland wind, we sat outside to enjoy the view and experience.

Cathrine and KatieThis evening we headed out to the Opening Ceremonies of the MUN conference with our new friends from Spain and Romania. The former prime minister of The Netherlands was the keynote speaker, who delivered a poignant speech regarding environmentalism and inter-generational solidarity. Tomorrow will be the first full day of conference activities. I can't wait to see what awaits ahead (especially the evening event of Global Village)!

Katie McDaniel '09 Katie
Today was a great day. Since only two delegates needed to go register the group, Catherine and I decided to do something a little different. And, what started out as a simple look at a tourist guide turned into an impromptu trip to Delft, the royal city. Home to William of Orange, Delft is a put it very simply. The entire city looks like something out of a storybook with buildings that are easily twice the age of the US, if not older. Since the trip was on a whim, we found ourselves stumbling through the area, although many people were willing to assist us. Waiters, museum curators and bookshop clerks were all more than helpful, humoring our every history, language, and culture request.Cathrine and Katie It was a great introduction to the week, only bettered by the unexpected newfound friends in students from Spain, Panama, and Romania. So, basically, this is starting out pretty well, and, although I'm nervous about sitting at a table with just twenty other delegates, I am ridiculously excited for the rest of the week. Although I could do without it starting so early and ending so late....


Patrick Hughes '10 Patrick
Ok! we arrived the Netherlands on Saturday the 21st and there was excitement written on everybody's face. We suggested going to see places but everyone went to sleep on getting to the hotel. So, not much was done on arrival but a few scattered visits. Sunday 22nd was a different day because we got up to have breakfast and make a few calls to close friends and family, letting them know we had arrived safely and were in the groove of things. Sneha and Nav went to register our delegation at noon, Katie and Catherine went to check out a city that might be of interest to us while we had the chance to visit the Hague. However, Justin and I went to look for an adaptor for our computers and also check out a few museums. We did not see much of the museums but we walked and took a few pictures by the beach in Scheveningen where our hotel is located. Funniest thing that happened while we were taking pictures was that, we never saw a lot of police officers around but after a siren sounded, we saw police officers chasing and wrestling a young guy to the ground, stopping traffic and causing a long hold up. Oh! by the way I have to go get ready for the opening ceremonies tonight. I'll keep you posted on our exploits. Tot ziens (bye in Dutch)

Justin Kollinger '10 Justin
We had a long day of travelling yesterday, followed by an almost equal amount of time resting to catch up with jet lag. So far, I've traveled into the town's main shopping district and along the beach where they have something like a boardwalk. The United States needs more boutiques and open public places! This has been very fun so far, even if my camera battery somehow broke or died in transit. Opening Ceremonies are tonight and the Conference starts tomorrow!


Cathrine and Katie

Cathrine and Katie