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Final Thoughts

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Patrick Hughes '10 Patrick
So, where did I leave off last time? Yeah! I ran off to the opening ceremonies of the conference. The opening ceremony was more than what I had expected. The organizers had the Mayor of the Hague city welcome us to the city. Also, Prof. S.C.J.J Kortmann (Rector Magnificus of Radboud University Nijmegen) personalized the Obama yes we can slogan to urge everyone of the participating delegate to try proferring solutions to the pressing world crisis. The key note speaker was Rudd F.M. Lubbers who was a former prime minister but is currently the minister of state. He as well urged us all to be aware of our communities and surroundings so as to be an element of change wherever we find ourselves. The ceremony was over after three hours and we returned to the hotel to prepare for the big day ahead where we had to begin our committee sessions and begin the conference at full blast.

JustinJustin Kollinger '10
Committee sessions started today! After an intense 90 minutes of debate on whether to discuss Ethno-Separatist Terrorism or Waponization of Space first, the assembly of 165 delegations agreed that Ethno-Separatist Terrorism was the more pressing issue. Patrick and I, representing Israel, have aligned ourselves with the European Union bloc and and working closely along side them to draft a resolution that addresses Israel's stance. It seems like the resolution will be longer than all of my blog posts combined, so I will spare you (plus, you don't want to try to read the jargon), but it encompasses the ideas of many European Union nations, especially those of Sweden and France. Tonight is the Global Village event, which is a way for each school to represent its country with food, dance, drinks, and dress and should be a very good time.

Katie McDaniel '09 Katie
I am Jiang Qing, it actually hit home today. The moment I was called for my opening remarks at the first committee session, I felt that familiar sense of nervousness and excitement rise up in me. It was so invigorating! Of course, I was caught completely unaware and had been worrying over how well I would present the chairman's overzealous wife. Luckily, she didn't appear too hard to embody. Jiang is such a strong character, it would probably be impossible to over do anything with her.

After having spent the first committee session in a bit of a blur, the second one went much smoother. Mostly because I had already learned from the nervousness I allowed to overcome me in the first session. I found myself making some genuine friendships with individuals representing members of the Gang of Four, Jiang's own creation, as well as those who should have been my mortal enemy. It is inspiring how well people can personify a foreign individual and then be themselves, all while speaking a second-, third-, or even fourth language.

In the evening, we headed to Global Village which, while very crowded was fun. After having walked around the different stalls for all the various countries, we discovered a hidden dance floor. Basically, no one was really around except for a bartender and maybe five people mingling. However, the music was unbelievable. We couldn't believe they would play that sort of music in Europe, which naturally meant about two hours of dancing followed.....with a loooooooooooong sleep afterwards.

Cathrine Toner '11 Cathrine
Conferences have finally begun! As a delegate for the World Health Organization, our first topic for debate and eventual resolution is water scarcity and its effects. Conferences have been an amazing place to meet people form literally all over the world, as well as brain storm for solutions to these global issues. It's a bit of a roller coaster being in committee, since there are moments of serious debate with a competitive edge, when only minutes later you and your entire committee are laughing and exchanging stories over lunch. This evening we went to Global Village, held at The Netherlands' race track (which was especially exciting for me as the resident race tracker). It was simply an unreal experience. I think that perhaps everyone one of the 2,500 students was there. Even though it was packed, it was amazing to see everyone there speaking their languages and giving out authentic food and drink. After the long night, I look forward to seeing everyone in slightly different situation (committee sessions) to figure out how we will try to save the world today.


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