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Final Thoughts

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JustinJustin Kollinger '10
So it is currently 1.50 AM and I need to wake up at 6.50AM. I'll keep this brief for my own sake. Today (well, Tuesday) started with a short committee session and a lot of work rallying our supporters to contribute to a draft resolution. Once session ended, Patrick and I returned to our hotel to meet with a German delegation, and we went with them to the Mauritshuis, the museum that holds most of Rembrandt's works and the Girl with the Pearl Earring. After that, we went to a cafe for coffee and tea with our new German friends (if you are reading, hi Janke, Friedman, Francesca, Vera, Sue, Maartan, and Johannes!). After that was our delegate dinner, where we had a dinner, my first full non-breakfast meal in days, with our delegation to get to know each other beyond policy. There I ate with two Israelis, two Venezuelans, and a Dutchman (Jesse, Barr, Michelle, Gabrielle, and Alfredo). Then was the night's social event at one of The Hague's premier rock clubs. British rock group So What played, and while I can't name any of the people I was with there, they were all great. (Well, I can name Sarah, a New Zealander.) So much for being brief, but not I must go so that I can get some sleep; I am meeting with Janke and the other Germans for breakfast before another pair of committee sessions. Pictures will follow when I am more awake!

Sneha Shrestha '10 Sneha
This trip has been amazing so far. In a beautiful city, leading an amazing delegation, I find myself very lucky. The World MUN has provided us with a chance to mingle with people from all over the world. The international interaction does not stop outside the conference. We have Spanish, German and Romanian floor mates at our Hotel. I have been grocery shopping with our Romanian friend, and took pre-party silly pictures with the Spanish delegation at the hotel lobby. Today, I discussed about the fine quality of Belgian chocolate and coffee with a Paraguayan and an Australian delegate.

It's amazing. All 2500 students from all over the world are at a common platform to discuss some of the world's most important issues. I am a delegate representing Israel in the sixth committee of the GA. In The Legal committee, we are discussing the problem of Accountability of UN missions and experts. Deciding on who makes the rules and how "criminals" should be charged brings about issues of state sovereignty and representing Israel, it is a touchy subject to deal with. I found myself lobbying with delegates from Sri Lanka, USA and Myanmar (my personal favorite) the most in hopes that we could come to some common terms to produce a Draft Resolution. If we get to pass a Draft resolution in tomorrow's session, I will conclude hours of lobbying a success. If not...let the lobbying go on!

My highlight of the day was getting to discuss Israel's position on this issue with Iba, an Israeli student in my committee. She understands that her country is stuck in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to bloc membership and chances of forming strong alliances. She suggested some possible solutions and I wished Olmert heard that. Maybe he would be inspired.

Anyway, after committee sessions I went into town with my delegates. Our free tram passes provided by the conference allows us to go anywhere within the capital and run around to explore the streets of The Hague to look for Belgian Chocolates!

We are leaving for Amsterdam on Thursday with our 2500-member conference group!!

You see, solving the world's problem isn't always work.


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