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Final Thoughts

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Sneha Shrestha '10 Sneha
Today was the last day with two committee sessions on the same day. Six hours of committee session was exhausting. After the session, Nav and I decided to explore the neighborhood we are living in. It is in Scheveningen (NOT shenanigans!) and the main market place is on Keirzerstraat. Besides the multi-chain grocery store Albert Heijn (AH) or "ah-some" store as we call it, there are a number of "wonder shops" with yummy cheese and fresh bread bakeries. Nav and I stepped into a cozy bakery for some hot chocolate because we both were feeling a bit sick. Turns out, Dutch chocolate cures everything. With the new found strength, we head off to The Hague city center to explore some more. Since everything closes between 5 and 6pm, our first stop was Leonidas, the chocolatarie in De Passage, an old style passage way with shops. We spend the entire evening visiting palaces like the Peace Palace and the Binnenof. We also randomly stepped into colorful shops which sold everything from baby bath tubs shaped like muffins paper cups to colorful nail filers that cost 20 Euros. At around 6:45pm we still had one more place to explore, "Avenue Culinaire" it says on the map. We figured it was late already and the shops on the streets would have been closed by then so we decided to head back to our hotel. As soon as I got back, I was ready to hit the sack because my head had started to throb and I was feverish again. Justin knocked at Nav and my room, offering if anyone wanted to join him for falafel dinner beside the beach. Stomach said yes and fever said no. The stomach won. The two of us walked 5 minutes to the place and found it closed. The carnival-esque touristy beach we saw a couple of days ago was close to a ghost town/beach tonight. It was there, empty. We couldn't figure out why everything was closed. We ended up resorting to a "New York Pizza", beside Burger King. The napkins that came along with the Pizza said "Damn Tasty". Not so much, but okay I saved a couple of Euros by buying an unhealthier meal. I am running short on cash, answering my stomach two times a day. I wonder if I will have enough to spend some in Amsterdam. Yup, I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow.

We're spending the day and part of the night in Amsterdam. It is Queen's Day, where one of the biggest Dutch street festival takes place. Everyone wears orange and walks around.

I wish I had something orange to wear...I mean I have to get my "Dutch on", right?

Patrick Hughes '10 Patrick
Isn't this an amazing thing? Worldmun is providing a life long of opportunity of meeting and knowing friends from all over the world. We have been able to push for four draft resolutions that should pass and become resolutions anytime soon. Oh! yes, we had cabaret night and there were performances from Venezuela, France and Belgium were among the great performances of the night. During the day it was deliberations and we were engaged all night long. At least through MUN I am guaranteed friends all over the world. For the first time in my life uncooked fish never tasted so good. It is called the salted heiring. I am actually running to our Thursday committee session but I will update you on other findings as soon as I get back. I will leave pictures to describe our experiences.

JustinJustin Kollinger '10
Well, I woke up at 6.50 as planned, but I was late getting to breakfast so I ate with Paloma (from Madrid) instead. Then it was a long, seven hour day in committee. The Danish delegation and my bloc, led by France, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Israel (us) tried to merge resolutions, which took four hours and intense diplomatic exchanges and bargaining with countries involved in the process and other countries who we wanted to get involved in the process. Before the end of the day, the merging blocs agreed on a common European Union resolution that includes most of the EU countries, Israel, Marshall Islands, Armenia, and others. The African Union and a mixed bloc each submitted resolutions, as well. The AU's resolution had solid points but was incomplete in scope while the mixed bloc failed to convince anyone of their plan. Tomorrow our resolution, a Spanish resolution, and an Egyptian resolution are scheduled to be introduced for debate.

As a side note, I tried a Dutch delicacy called Broodje Haring, or raw salted herring sandwich with onions. It sounds repulsive, I know, but it was actually incredible. However, to eat it everyday would require some training.


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