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Final Thoughts - Model UN 2009



March 22nd

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Final Thoughts

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Patrick Hughes '10 Patrick
So, everything that has a beginning must have an end but the end to this trip of ours was something I did not want to see. After a an overwhelming week of policy making and resolution writing, establishment of friendships across continents, and the experiences of a different culture and people that are different from what I am used to, and have experienced,. it was time to say those dreadful words, good bye. We had done ourselves proud in our DISEC Committee by deciding to write and be a part of the resolution that was passed. It was a tough task coping with the exhausting committee sessions, social events and knowing the city we were in. All I can say is that the whole experience was worth our while. After the hard goodbyes, we packed up and back to the states we returned. I personally learned a lot from this experience and am looking forward to a point where the experience would manifest itself in real life.

Katie McDaniel '09Katie
Having already gone through my first class back at Gettysburg, I'm surprised to realize I'm not painfully depressed. True, I'm sad the experience is over, but I am unusually excited about what is coming up in life. The beauty of these conferences is how they open up one's eyes in such a short period of time. One is thrown into an intense simulation, forced to become friends with complete strangers, and then leave everything behind within a week. I suppose most would be daunted by such a concept, but I have to admit that I thrive under such circumstances. Bouncing back is my forte and incorporating such altering experiences into my life is a hobby. I will most definitely be keeping in contact with everyone in my committee to the best of my abilities, but I won't allow myself to be sad. Within a couple short months, I will embark on the next big adventure of my life, and I am determined to bring all willing participants along. I guarantee it will be a good ride!

JustinJustin Kollinger '10
This week was one of the best weeks of my college career and it will always be one of the best. Committee was orderly and productive, more so than I could have ever expected. Getting the opportunity to be Israel is something that most Model UN-ers dream of, and I had the chance to do it. Unfortunately, I cannot expect to see most of the people I met ever again, but there are new cities in Germany for me to visit when I study in France, and I still hope to see as many people as possible again, from everywhere between Canada and New Zealand.

It is relaxing to be back in the States, back to all of the stereotypes that Europeans were very quick to point out to me. Despite being home, my mind will still be in The Hague for the next week at least. I was starting to feel very comfortable in that city and was learning my way around. Some day I'll go back, but right now I just need to start looking forward to World MUN 2010.

Navdeep Sokhey '11 Navdeep
We all got back just last night (Saturday) and I really felt the travel fatigue, as did everyone else in my delegation. But the tiredness was, without a doubt, worth it. After a whole week of committee sessions and traveling throughout The Hague and Amsterdam, it's kind of strange to wake up and realize I'm back in the US and at college. I can't begin to describe how wonderful everything was in The Netherlands, from the people to the amount of diversity and the different ideas people have about world issues. Everything turned out to be just as wonderful (if not better than) what I had expected before departing.

Out of all the places I visited (The Hague, Amsterdam, and Delft), I can't decide which I like best, so I'll just name some of the things that stick out in my mind from each place and let you judge through the pictures:

MUN 1. The Hague: Gelato, Leonidas (an amazing chocolate shop located in the area called Centrum)
MUN World Forum (where all committee sessions took place)
MUNMUN 2. Amsterdam: Canal ride, houses and shops in the water

3. Delft: The waffel stall in the middle of this quaint, old city that somehow managed to reconcile antique qualities with modernity

This was one of those experiences that sticks with you for a lifetime. It's an excellent opportunity to see the world and test your diplomatic and persuasive skills, and I strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved with MUN. No matter where you end up going, you'll leave with qualities that will only render you a better person altogether.


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