Student Leadership Opportunities

There are many different opportunities for student leadership within our office.  These opportunities mainly come out of the student organizations involved with our office.  Listed below are a few different student organizations and leadership opportunities within them:

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board plans a majority of the on-campus programming during the weekends.  This includes Coffeehouses, Movie Nights, Attic Events, Snowball, Springfest and Crabfest.  There are both Executive Board and Board positions within CAB.  CAB meetings are every Mondat at 4pm in Plank Basement.  Use the CAB link on the left hand side of the page for more information. 

Attic Advisory Board

The Attic Advisory Board assists in the running of the Attic as well as the planning and implementation of events in the Attic.  This group runs Attic Weeknights (every Wednesday and Thursday night from 8pm - 12am) and plans events like Happy Hours.  Please use the Attic link on the left hand side of this page for more information. 

Spectrum Yearbook

The Spectrum Yearbook staff plans and creates the yearbook for every year.  The staff uses computer programs to create pages as well as contribute photographs and write-ups.  For more information regarding the yearbook you may call our office. 

New Student Orientation Staff

There are many leadership opportunities within the New Student Orientation Staff.  Every summer there is a Student Orientation Coordinator as well as a First-Year Experience Coordinator.  There is also a group of about 50 Orientation Leaders to assist the new students in adjusting to Gettysburg.  We are currently looking for applicants for Orientation Leaders for Orientation 2010.  If you are interested use the link on the left hand side located under Student Leadership Opportunities.  For more information regarding First-Year Programs use the link on the left hand side of the page.


For more information regarding any of these opportunities feel free to contact our office at 717-337-6304.  Our hours are 8:30am - 5pm Monday - Friday.