If you are interested in Student Senate, there are a lot of ways you can get involved. Whether you run for office, serve on a committee, or participate in the annual Lighting and Safety walk; your contributions help make Gettysburg College a better place.

Run for Office

Every year, the Student Senate holds elections for various positions in student government. More information about running for office can be found on our elections page. Elected positions include:

President of the Student Senate
Vice President of the Student Senate Senate
Treasurer of the Student Senate
Secretary of the Student Senate
Student Senator
Class President
Class Vice President
Class Treasurer
Class Secretary

Join a Senate Committee

Committee Chairs are always looking for fresh perspectives on our Student Senate Committees. Each committee focuses on a specific area of the Senate or the College. Your involvement on these committees can range from policy revision to funding hearings depending on the committee.

Academic Affairs Committee
Budget Management Committee
College Life Advisory Committee
Student Safety & Regulations Committee
Information Technology Committee
Public Relations Committee
Senate Policy Committee
Special Events & Programming Committee
Sustainability Committee

More information about our committees can be found on the Senate Committees page. If you're interested in joining a committee, just contact the respective committee chair.

Join a College Committee

Many Departments and Divisions of the College request Senate's assistance in appointing or recommending students to serve on College Committees. These committees often determine important college policies and student members have the responsibility of representing the student opinions. Some examples of these committees include:

Student Conduct Review Board
Student Activities Fee Advisory Board
The Dining Services Committee
Academic Policy and Program Committee
Student Life Committee