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Information Desk


 The CUB Information Desk is the central main switchboard and information center of the college and can be reached at 717.337.6300 or at

Academic Hours of Operation

Monday – Wednesday: 8am – 11pm

Thursday – Saturday: 8am – 2am

Sunday: 11am – 11pm

*Break and Reading Day hours may differ

Other services include but are not limited to:

  • GPrints/Fax/Copy
  • Flower delivery and pick up
  • New York Times subscriptions
  • Assistance with on- and off-campus directions
  • General building management
  • Lending snow shovels

The CUB Desk is committed to the ideals of service, integrity, leadership, compassion, and growth. We aim to provide friendly, respectful, and practical service to the Gettysburg College community.

  • CUB Desk employees are held to standards of personal excellence and good character, which are apparent in their day-to-day lives both inside and outside of the Desk.

  • We desire to foster a cohesive community of students who develop leadership skills through critical and creative thinking, as well as self- and community awareness.