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  1. You have questions, so many questions, and you are OK if I don’t have all the answers.
  1. You aren’t sure what you believe, but you’d like to talk more about God-stuff in general.
  1. You want to share a joy. I’m always happy to cheerlead and give a hearty “Way to Go.”
Holy Family
  1. You want to deepen and explore further your own faith.
  1. You want to learn more about the faith of your neighbor.
  1. You want to vent about someone who is annoying—all conversations with the chaplain are confidential!
  1. You need advice, encouragement, consolation, or a hug.
  1. You’re not sure if you believe in God, but you love the world and want to learn more about the “why” of the universe, in addition to the “how.”
  1. You’re spiritual, but not religious.
  1. I always have chocolate on my desk!