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Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) brings people together to share faith, encourage service and community action, and foster a caring community among students, faculty and staff at Gettysburg College.

Catholic Campus Ministry can help you:

  • Grow spiritually College is a time to identify your values and develop practices that sustain and nurture your beliefs.
  • Develop as an individual Every student is unique and has experienced a variety of different influences. CCM provides a comfortable space in which to be yourself and come to terms with your own heritage while you expand your horizons.
  • Put things together In class you acquire information and skills and learn how to think critically. CCM contributes to your education as a whole person by offering opportunities to reflect on what you learn, clarify your values, and make life choices consistent with those values. It provides a supportive environment for listening to the call of God in your own life.
  • Experience community You can meet people and make friends through the various programs sponsored by CCM and Newman Association.