Welcome to Christ Chapel Gettysburg College

"Linking Spirituality, Transformational Learning, Hospitality, and Compassion"

  • We welcome and encourage everyone in celebrating God's presence and love.
  • We are an engaged community in an academic setting seeking to explore the relationship between faith and understanding.
  • We welcome everyone associated with Gettysburg College and the College community.
  • We see ourselves as a unique, organic and local expression of the Body of Christ, so we encourage both the churched and un-churched to participate in study of Sacred Scriptures, reflection, common prayer, the breaking of bread, stewardship of resources, renewal of the earth and community life.
  • We are a Reconciled in Christ community, so we are committed to welcoming and affirming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons and the contributions they share.
  • We hope to discover new ways of being human as the body of Christ inspired by Jesus' proclamation of God's reign of justice, transformative love and hope.
Christ Chapel The Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Donnella II     Shirley Aldrich
Office of Religious & Spiritual Life     Chaplain of the College Office Administrator
Campus Box 427