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Welcome to Christ Chapel Gettysburg College

"Linking Spirituality, Transformational Learning, Hospitality, and Compassion"

  • We welcome and encourage everyone in celebrating God's presence and love.
  • We are an engaged community in an academic setting seeking to explore the relationship between faith and understanding.
  • We welcome everyone associated with Gettysburg College and the College community.
  • We see ourselves as a unique, organic and local expression of the Body of Christ, so we encourage both the churched and un-churched to participate in study of Sacred Scriptures, reflection, common prayer, the breaking of bread, stewardship of resources, renewal of the earth and community life.
  • We are a Reconciled in Christ community, so we are committed to welcoming and affirming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons and the contributions they share.
  • We hope to discover new ways of being human as the body of Christ inspired by Jesus' proclamation of God's reign of justice, transformative love and hope.