Central Office Student Assistants

The Office of Residence Life employs 5-6 student assistants each semester to assist with the day-to-day activities in the central office. Each position will average 4-10 hours per week, depending on student schedules and hours availability.

Please check GettysburgWorks at the beginning of each semester to see if there are any openings for this job opportunity in Residence Life.

Successful candidates should possess the following qualities:

  • attention to detail (paying attention to detail is imperative with all that happens in the office)
  • resourcefulness (knowing where to go to find the information you need; a lot of information is at your fingertips such as the Guidebook, our website, publications, information binders, etc.)
  • prompt and punctual (there may be times when you'll be the only one in the office, so we'll need you here to cover your assigned shifts)
  • personable and friendly (you'll be the front-line person in the office, dealing with students, parents, other college employees, outside constituents both in the office and on the phone)

Position Tasks and Duties:

Duties include general office procedures of:

  • Office greeter and receptionist
  • Assisting students, parents, and other visitors or callers to the office
  • Answering the telephone (responding to basic inquiries, setting up appointments, taking clear and concise messages)
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sorting mail
  • Telephoning students to relay messages
  • Computer data entry
  • Labeling
  • Copying and filing
  • Sending out bulk mailings
  • Assisting with special events
  • Assisting students by finding materials and answering basic questions
  • Special projects
  • Other office duties as assigned

Knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • The Housing Director (our housing software - hired student assistants will be trained on using this software)