RISE House Application Information

2014-2015 RISE House Application Information

The application is now web-based. Please read the information below before beginning your electronic application.

Gettysburg College offers substance-free housing through the RISE program (Respecting Individual Student Expectations). Students who participate in this program make a commitment to maintain a living environment which promotes and respects healthy lifestyle choices. Upperclass students are eligible to live in the RISE House and are required to meet all rules and bylaws of the community.  Learn more about the RISE Program.

Expectations and Requirements

By choosing to live in the RISE House, students agree to:

  • Live in an environment which promotes and respects healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Live in a residential environment where alcohol and tobacco are not present nor used, and no drugs are used contrary to prescription or law.*
  • Be an active and engaged member of the RISE community.
  • Abide by 24-hour quiet hours.
  • Attend all house meetings as determined by the House Leaders.

*All students are reminded that they must comply with campus alcohol and drug policies, which can be found in the Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

RISE members who fail to fulfill the RISE program residency responsibilities are subject to relocation and, when appropriate, may be sanctioned through the campus student conduct system.

Students applying for the RISE House must also be in good conduct standing with the College.

Applicants are subject to a review of academic and conduct records.


The RISE House for the 2014-2015 academic year will be located in Quarry Suites - West Hall. At the Office of Residential & First-Year Programs’s discretion, the location is subject to change depending upon the number of applicants for the RISE House. West Hall accommodates 40 students. In order for West Hall to operate as the RISE House, at least 90% of the building must be occupied by RISE House applicants through the selection process described below. If the 90% target is not met then Residential & First-Year Programs will consider whether RISE will remain in West Hall.

All rooms in the Quarry Suites are billed at the apartment rate (Plan 2). Learn more about room rates.


Current RISE House residents who qualify to stay in RISE House have the first option to recommit to living in RISE House for the 2014-2015 academic year.  This process will be facilitated by the Community Advisor and Program Assistant.

Students who do not currently reside in RISE House are required to submit the electronic applications by Friday, February 7, 2014 by 5:00 PM. The house can accommodate 40 students.

If the number of applicants exceeds 40 people, Residential & First-Year Programs will use the following criteria to identify those who will select rooms in West Hall and those who will be on a waitlist.

On Monday, February 24, all applicants who meet the requirements to live in RISE House will receive an invitation to attend Room Selection, which will be conducted on the evening of Tuesday, February 25. The invitation will have more details.  Housing Selection goes more smoothly if students group themselves into suites (groups of 5).

Following the room selection meeting, the students who selected rooms will receive an email with the list of RISE House residents and their room placements. These students will have until Friday, March 7 to contact each other and arrange a room switch within or between suites in the house, if needed. Residential & First-Year Programs must be notified of these room switches by Wednesday, March 5.

If the RISE House has vacancies after the March 7 deadline, students on the waitlist will be invited to attend a room selection meeting before the general room selection process. If there continues to be vacancies after this meeting, the vacant rooms will be available to students through the general room selection process.

All students moving into the RISE House will be required to sign the RISE House contract.


Questions about the RISE House can be directed to Scott Wojciechowski.

2014-2015 RISE House Application