2015-2016 Theme Houses

Seven theme house communities are housed in three different residences:

129 N. Washington St.

    Sugar House

      209 N. Washington Street

        Harmony House

        Outdoor Enthusiasts House

        Pink House


          Constitution Apartments

            Disney House

            LIVE House

            Special Olympics House

              Theme House Characteristics

              • Provide an opportunity for students who share a common interest to live together.

              • Serve as a medium through which the students in residence can make a meaningful impact in the community pertaining to their theme.

              • Most theme houses serve a sophomore population and tend to be a one-year commitment.

               Theme House Descriptions and Contacts

              129 N. Washington Street

              129 N. Washington

              Sugar House

              The purpose behind our theme house is our quest to spread education about diabetes. We as a group want to continue the work to fundraise and raise awareness.  We all have decided that we want to contribute to our community and our school and all those struggling with this disease.

              House Leader: Patrick Decker
              House Mentor: Chase Straub

              209 N. Washington Street


              Harmony House

              To increase awareness and further the appreciation of different kinds of music, discuss the history and roots of a variety of musical styles, discuss the cultural importance of music in society, share new and effective ways to practice, and reflect on the effect of different types of performances.

              House Leader: Chelsea Ferraro
              House Mentor: Dr. Jocelyn Swigger

              Outdoor Enthusiasts House

              The purpose of the Outdoor Enthusiasts theme house is to provide a living space for those who share a common interest in the outdoors. From there, we can embark on recreational adventures and spread our enthusiasm with everyone else at Gettysburg College. We believe that these opportunities for outdoor experiences will help students to thrive in any environment. We hope to prepare them with important skills (such as leadership) for the future that can be applied to all types of situations. Although students will get involved for fun, they will also learn along the way.

              House Leader: Dori Bergman
              House Mentor: Tucker Little

              Pink House

              The purpose of our theme house is to create a community that works to spread the awareness of cancer and to bring support and comfort to the cancer patients and their families. By closely affiliating ourselves with the organization Pillow Fight 4 Cancer, we hope to personally aid the lives of those affected by cancer.

              House Leader: Claire Loughran
              House Mentor: Maggie Mulderrig


              Constitution Apartments

              Disney House

              The purpose of our theme house is to celebrate the long standing tradition of the Make a Wish Foundation by enriching the lives of children with hope, strength, and joy. This year, Disney and Make-A-Wish will grant its 100,000th global wish together and our theme house hopes to be able to work towards such an outstanding goal. We feel a specific connection with this organization since each of us has personally seen the impact Make-A-Wish can have on a child.

              House Leader: Julie Welde
              House Mentor: Dr. Amy Dailey

              LIVE House

              To create awareness and raise money for members of our community who are unable to financially support their medical expenses.  LIVE stands for Life Is Valued Everywhere. This is correlated with the hope that our efforts allow for individuals who suffer from pain related illnesses to live their lives the way they deserve without the burden of medical expenses.

              House Leader: Liza Goss
              House Mentor: Kim Davidson

              Special Olympics House

              Unlike other themes, Special Olympics is not solely focused on raising money for the organization, but it will allow us to interact and form friendships with the athletes we will be working with, while partnering with the Adam’s County sponsored event. Special Olympics is not only rewarding for the athletes, but it is rewarding for the group members as well.

              House Leader: Madison Martino
              House Mentor: Barb Jordan

              Updated 2/4/16

              Past Theme Houses


              Animal House (209 N. Washington St.)

              Animal House members are passionate about animal welfare, whether that is related to animal testing, diet, or animals living in captivity.  Animal House’s purpose is to consolidate this group of students and faculty to help strengthen existing beliefs, assimilate other’s views, and spread awareness of animal welfare.

              Circle of Life House (209 N. Washington St.)

              We hope to create a stronger bond with the Gettysburg community through finding ways to be more active within the town. Not only do we plan to help families out of poverty, we also hope to educate Gettysburg College on the difficulties of trying to make ends meet while raising a family. We feel that Circles is an amazing foundation because Gettysburg College students can be involved in it. We want to meet and get to know the families that are involved with Circles and do as much as we can to raise money, assist the program and bring awareness.

              Cure Duchenne House (Constitution Apartments)

              The purpose of the Cure Duchenne house is to raise money for the Cure Duchenne Foundation and awareness of the disease to aid in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

              Disney House (Constitution Apartments)

              The Disney Theme house reintroduces the innocence of our childhood and everything Disney taught us. Disney was the joy of our childhood because we were serenaded with “happily ever after”. However, some children are not as fortunate. We are dedicated to spreading happiness on the Gettysburg College
              campus and helping a child make their “happily ever after” come true by donating to the Make a Wish Foundation.

              Fit House (223 Carlisle St.)

              The purpose of the Fit House is to increase mindfulness of obesity and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.  Manifesting the value of staying fit by encouraging daily exercise and a healthy diet are cornerstones of the Fit House, and we are determined to make these principles a bigger focus on campus.

              Special Olympics House (209 N. Washington St.)

              Unlike other themes, Special Olympics is not solely focused on raising money for the organization, but it will allow us to interact and form friendships with the athletes we will be working with. Special Olympics is not only rewarding for the athletes, but it is rewarding for the group members as well.

              Who House (Constitution Apartments)

              Through endorsing networking and service on campus and in society, we aim to create an increased awareness of the inner workings of community and the impact of our individual roles on campus and beyond. Collaboration with Alumni Relations, CPS, and Admissions will help us actively engage with others across generations through events of networking, service and reflection.

              Updated 5/14/15