At the heart of the mission of Gettysburg College is the fact that we are a residential campus. We are committed to developing an active community of scholars and we believe that the residential college is the most effective means of promoting the personal interaction between students and between student and professor. Gettysburg offers a wide variety of housing options that are designed to be highly supportive and interactive in the first two years and move toward independent living in the last two years.

We are committed to developing a caring community that encourages academic success, champions individual respect, and demands responsibility within our community. Foremost, we are a community of scholars who gather together to share experiences and to gain understanding. Since we share a common goal, we also share responsibility for one another.

In order to achieve these community ideals, we expect all residents to work together to create a positive living environment. This guidebook contains information about your life on our campus. I encourage you to read through each of the topics and work to understand your role within our community. I ask that you pay particular attention to the "Rights and Responsibilities" section located in the Community Living: Respecting Others chapter. While each student has individual rights, as members of the Gettysburg College community, each student bears some responsibility to our community. Students are expected to abide by all of our policies and procedures and you are responsible for knowing the information in the guidebook. All of these policies and procedures are designed to create a safe learning environment.

There are many challenges to meet and many choices to make. It is important for you to understand how your actions impact the greater community. To help you with these many challenges, we have nearly 70 student staff members living in our community and are here to assist you. They are called Residence Coordinators, Resident Assistants, and Community Leaders.

I look forward to meeting you and I encourage you to get involved in our community. Let us know if our staff can assist you during this time. I wish you much success during your time on our campus.


Danielle Phillips
Interim Director of Residence Life