Off-Campus Living

Gettysburg is a residential college. When students agree to enroll at Gettysburg, they agree to a four-year residency requirement. By policy, all students are required to live on campus or in a College-related fraternity house for the four years of their college experience. We do allow exceptions for a small number of seniors to be released from their four-year residency obligation. Release from this obligation is determined through the Off-Campus Housing Process held each spring. Living in the community is both a privilege and a responsibility that provides students a unique opportunity to live more independently in the final year of college in preparation for life after Gettysburg.

In the interest of being fair and equitable to all students, exceptions to this procedure are not permitted. Students are forewarned against signing a lease for an off-campus accommodation until they receive approval (in writing) at the beginning of March. If you do not have written permission to reside off-campus, you are obligated to reside in, and pay for, college housing.

Qualifications to Live Off-Campus

Mandatory Training and Orientation Meetings for Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Application and Approval Process

Special Note for Fraternity Members

Special Note for Students Who Study Off-Campus

Relinquishing Off-Campus Approval

Mandatory Orientation Meeting - Fall 2016

Off-Campus Approval Timeline for 2016-2017

Off-Campus Application

Please note: all first-year, sophomore, and junior students were sent a hard-copy letter to their campus mailbox in early November outlining much of the same information on this page.