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In the case of a power outage, please note that buildings have different levels of backup power. The table below lists all College owned or leased residential properties and notes whether they have generator backup, battery backup, or no backup power. Backup power is designed to provide electricity for emergency lights that will be found in public spaces such as hallways. Backup power will not provide electricity to rooms. Generator backup power will run until normal power is operating. Battery backup power will run for a maximum of 8 hours.  

Residence Halls Generator Battery None
129 N. Washington St.     X
131 N. Washington St.     X
133 N. Washington St.   X  
209 N Washington St.     X
215 N. Washington St.     X
223 Carlisle St.   X  
25 S. Washington St.     X
33 W. Middle St.     X
43 W. Middle St.      X
ACR   X  
Albaugh House   X  
Apple Hall   X  
Appleford Carriage    X  
Appleford Inn   X  
ATO   X  
Bregenzer House   X  
Carlisle House   X  
College Apartments   X  
Colonial Motel     X
Constitution Apt   X  
Corkran Hall X    
Corner Cottage   X  
Eagles Apartments     X
Eisenhower Institute   X  
Haaland Hall X    
Hanson Hall X    
Hazlett Hall X    
Huber Hall X    
Hutchison House   X  
Ice House   X  
Lahm Hall     X
Lamp Post   X  
Lau House   X  
Musselman Hall X    
Patrick Hall X    
Paul Hall X    
Paxton Hall     X
Phi Delta   X  
Phi Gamma   X  
Phi Psi   X  
Rice Hall X    
Sigma Chi House   X  
Smith Hall   X  
Smyser     X
Stevens Hall   X  
Stine Hall X    
Tudor House   X  
Van Horn House   X  
West Hall X