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Exploring Your Interests and Declaring Your Major

The Office of Academic Advising connects sophomores to resources that will help them decide on a major and/or career path, encourages them to develop good relationships with their faculty and faculty advisors, and helps them make connections between the Gettysburg Curriculum, their coursework, and their co-curricular activities.

If you are still exploring academic options, visit departmental websites, contact a professor, or attend an event at a related college house.

If you are not performing well in a course, utilize the instructor's office hours, schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor, or take advantage of free services provided by the Writing Center or Peer Learning Program.

If you want to delve deeper into an area, consider student research opportunities or serving as a peer learning associate.

If you are still trying to find the best place on campus to fit your study needs and schedule refer to this study space guide!