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Gaining New Perspective through Immersion

Opportunities to see things differently can occur both on and off campus, domestically and internationally.  

The Center for Global Education (CGE) is the primary gateway for exposure to new cultures and languages abroad, a skill that has become a major asset in today's world. CGE staff members assist students in all the stages of the planning process.  It is important to begin planning at least one year in advance of your semester abroad.

The Center for Public Service (CPS) engages the campus community to facilitate partnerships, education, critical thinking and informed action; aiming to foster social justice by promoting personal, institutional and community change.  Opportunities for engagement include service opportunities in the local community and immersion trips over breaks. CPS also oversees two initiatives that explore and examine current social justice issues: Surge, a student-run blog, and various dialogue groups.

The outdoors provide ample opportunities to learn leadership and Experiential Education plans expeditions and other programs to fully use the challenges and enjoyment provided by the natural elements. The Gettysburg Recreational Adventure Board (GRAB) is the programming entity of the office and provides students the chance to serve as peer leaders during many trips and programs.

Gettysburg's proximity to Washington, DC opens the door for students to explore leadership and public policy through The Eisenhower Institute (EI).  Honoring the 34th President of the United States, EI is a presidential legacy organization that hosts open campus events and lectures and offers unique educational experiences.  These programs are coordinated by Experts-in-Residence and include Inside Politics, Women in Leadership, Environmental Leadership, Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times.  EI also partners with CPS and the Garthwait Leadership Center to host the Leadership Institute.