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Strengthening Campus Connections

It is sometimes challenging to balance your academic life while finding meaningful opportunities that complement your undergraduate experience.  There are numerous resources that can help you to strengthen your engagement, connect in-class learning, and be a contributing member of the campus community in your finite amount of time.

The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life (OSAGL) manages two programs that facilitate involvement: the Campus Activities Board (CAB), which creates and plans campus social events, and clubs and organizations, which range from community service to student government, the arts, and campus publications.

Fraternities and sororities are also a popular outlet for involvement and leadership development.  New member recruitment occurs during the sophomore year.  When utilized to its fullest, the Greek experience can be one of the most positive, impactful opportunities a student has during their collegiate years.

The Garthwait Leadership Center (GLC), through collaborative partnerships across the institution, creates intellectual and experiential opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. Through these experiences, students identify and reflect on their passions, and learn how to apply leadership skills ethically to make a positive impact. 

Staying fit and having fun is another way to stay involved.  Campus Recreation offers a variety of activities like intramural leagues and tournaments and seven club sports that compete with teams from other schools.

An on-campus job can also provide valuable skills and compensation that students can match to further their learning.  Information for on-campus employment can be found on the Work on Campus guide.