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Matching Vocation with Career

Your four years of college can feel like they are flying by, so it is wise to be mindful of what your next step will be.  The Center for Career Development is a key resource for thinking about life after Gettysburg.  In addition to the services and programs noted below, Career Development staff is available for one-on-one meetings.  Visit their office at 53 W. Stevens St. or call 717-337-6616 to schedule an appointment.

If you are still unsure of your interests, you can discover your strengths through a career-interest survey, conduct an informational interview with a partner professional, consider a future career while choosing your major, or explore how career fields connect to majors.

If you are looking to test-drive a career, Career Development plans exploratory opportunities like Career Immersion Trips or job shadowing experiences.

More in-depth experiences take the form of externships and internships.  Externships are intensive, week-long extended shadowing opportunities that provide an insider's look into a career field.  Internships are typically occur during a semester or over the summer and have defined learning outcomes.  Both programs allow students hands-on learning that strengthen job skills and professional networks.

Career Development staff also provides guidance on writing cover letters and resumes, tips for interviews, and even offers a career clothing bank.