Storage for International Students

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you store anything please fill in the online form below. This needs to be filled out before you store your items. The storage will be located in Colonial Hall and Paxton Hall. There is no limit on the type and amount of items that can be stored but all items must belong to the international student. Please complete the form below at least 24 hours before taking your things to Colonial or Paxton. The college assumes no responsibility for stored items.

All international students will be approved for storage.

Storage NOTES:

  • The basement storage space of Colonial is located right in the middle of the building.  Think of Colonial like an "L" and the basement access steps and door are right where the long and short lines of the "L" meet.
  • Colonial is a bit of a walk from the center of campus so you may want to try to coordinate with friends who have cars to have them bring your things over by car.   

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Storage Information
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