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Student and Employee Vehicle and Bike Registration

Online STUDENT registration starts August 1st. 

Online EMPLOYEE registration is available through CNAV.


Students and employees can now register online using CNAVLog onto CNAV and, from the My Place dropdown options, choose My Forms.  You should receive your parking permit in the campus mail within one to two weeks.  If you have any questions or experience problems with our online registration process, please contact Public Safety immediately.

Residential Parking permits for Phi Delta Theta, 157 and 209 North Washington St., and Appleford are not available online and are coordinated by the house leaders.  Residents should contact their respective house leader for information about these permits.

Carlisle Street permits are also not available online.  Resident students of Corner Cottage, Paxton, Smyser, Albaugh House, Lahm, Lamp Post, 223 and 227 Carlisle St., and Colonial must have a Carlisle Street permit before parking in one of the following lots:  Corner Cottage, Paxton, Smyser, Lahm, Lamp Post, 223 & 227 Carlisle St., and Colonial.  These permits are available at the Public Safety office.  Student residents must come to the office and present student identification.  This permit does not guarantee a parking space, but it does limit the vehicle-to-parking space ratio and allows residents a reasonable opportunity to park close to their residence hall.