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A Daily Crime and Fire Log is available for review during normal college business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays) at the DPS office, located at 51 West Stevens Street.  The information in the crime and fire log typically includes the incident number, classification, date reported, date occurred, general location, and disposition of each reported crime.

Additionally, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Act, the personal identifying information (name and address) of all non-juveniles arrested (by summons, citation, or custodial arrest) during an incident that gets listed in the Daily Crime and Fire Log will be included in the log’s disposition category. 

Unless the disclosure is prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim, newly reported crimes/incidents within the college’s Clery geography and updated information regarding previously reported crimes are entered onto the daily crime and fire log within two business days of when it is reported to the Department of Public Safety.  It is important to note that DPS has no jurisdiction outside of its identified Clery geography.  Any time DPS assists the local police or DPS’ presence is otherwise requested by the police outside of the campus’ Clery geography jurisdiction, an incident report will be generated, and the crime classification will be annotated on the Daily Crime and Fire Log. 

Additionally, all confirmed fires occurring within or on recognized facilities, buildings, areas, or property that are owned, controlled, leased, or rented by the College will be included in the Daily Crime and Fire Log.  The Department of Public Safety makes the daily crime and fire logs for the most recent 60-day period open to public inspection during normal business hours at the DPS communications center within DPS Headquarters, located at 51 West Stevens Street.  Additionally, any portion of these crime and fire logs that are older than 60 days are made available for public inspection within two business days of a request. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to review these logs periodically to become more familiar with the types and locations of criminal incidents and fires which may impact the College’s campus community.