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Emergency Dial 6911
All Other Calls for Service Dial 6912

Bomb Threat Call Report

Date of Call:___________ Time of Call:____________ Call Received By:_______________

Telephone # where call was received:_________________ Public Safety Incident #:__________

Gender of Caller________Race of Caller_______Age of Caller_______Length of Call_______

Ask these questions in the following order:

1. Where is the bomb right now?______________________________________________________
2. When is the bomb going to explode?__________________________________________
3. What does the bomb look like?_______________________________________________
4. What kind of bomb is it?____________________________________________________
5. What will cause the bomb to explode?_________________________________________
6. Did you place the bomb?____________If not, who did?___________________________
7. Why was the bomb placed?_________________________________________________
8. What is your address?______________________________________________________
9. What is your name?______________________________Your phone number?_________

Describe the caller's voice: (Circle appropriate descriptors):

Calm Rapid Crying Nasal Deep
Angry Soft Normal Stutter Accent
Excited Loud Distinct Lisp Clearing Throat Raspy
Slow Laughter Slurred Disguised Deep Breathing

If voice is familiar, who did it sound like?____________________________________________

Describe any background noise: (Circle appropriate descriptors):

Street Dishes Motor Animals Long Distance Office
Voices Music PA System Static Cell Phone Factory

Describe the caller's language: (Circle appropriate descriptors):

Well Spoken (Educated) Irrational Taped
Foul Incoherent Caller Read a Message