Gettysburg College has installed emergency notification systems on campus for emergency notification to its campus community members in the event of an emergency situation occurring on or around campus that immediately threatens the safety of the campus at large.  This notification process includes the recently developed cell-phone text/voice messaging system and audible warning siren.  Both of these instant emergency notification systems were developed subsequent to the College's threat assessment review that took place over the summer of 2007 as part of a broader emergency operations overview and in response to the Virginia Tech incident and related incidents at college campuses throughout the United States. 

The cell-phone text messaging system is designed to quickly and simultaneously notify participating members of the campus community of serious emergency situations that may have a direct impact on their personal safety. 

The audible siren has been installed in the Glatfelter Hall bell tower.  The siren will typically be used in conjunction with the cell-phone text messaging system and related notification processes to ensure community members are made aware of serious emergency situations occurring on or near campus that may impact their personal safety.  The siren emits a very unique and distinctive alarm that will be easy to recognize and won't be confused with other area sirens used as part of the fire and emergency response services.

Emergency Notification Settings (CNAV)