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The construction, handling, and use of fireworks intended solely for outdoor display as well as the general conduct and operation of the display shall comply with the requirements of NFPA 1123. The use of pyrotechnic special effects in the performing arts in conjunction with theatrical, musical, or any similar productions before a proximate audience, performers, or support personnel shall comply with NFPA 1123. The use of flame effects before an audience shall comply with NFPA 160.

It shall be prohibited for anyone to manufacture, store or ignite any fireworks, explosives and rockets.

A Fire Prevention Permit from the Office of Public Safety is required for any Fire Works Display and a Pyrotechnic Special Effects Performance. In some cases a permit is required from the Borough of Gettysburg, which Public Safety will coordinate with the Code Enforcement officer for Gettysburg Borough. This is a fee for these services. In many cases such displays will require Public Safety Officers on site for perimeter security, road closures and crowd control. A plan will be developed by Public Safety that will define the event requirements. Public Safety will coordinate the event with the event host and define the fees for providing site safety and security.