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Residence hall facilities are secured 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The College has a policy of cylindrical knob sets with dead latches. These provide a high level of security with one hand egress in the event of an emergency. As renovations and upgrades are completed, individual residence hall room doors are being equipped with "peep-holes", except in residence apartments where the hall door is equipped with a peephole. Further, ground level accessible windows are equipped with window sash locks.


Forty-eight student employees are assigned to residence halls in the current year. The Department of Safety and Security Director, Associate Director, and Life and Fire Safety Coordinator provide annual security and life safety training. This training minimally includes: introduction of officers, description of services offered, instruction on fire safety hazards and building evacuation, and general information on requesting emergency assistance from Safety and Security. Other related training conducted for the Residence Assistants by the Area Coordinators include locking buildings, responding to fire alarms and other crisis response procedures. Once per year, typically in the fall, officers are invited into each traditional residence hall to conduct informal meetings with students on security and enforcement procedures.


College housing is provided for the exclusive use of Gettysburg College Students as assigned by the Residence Life Office. Guests may be allowed to use residence facilities within the following guidelines:

No student is authorized to permit extended use of college housing facilities (including rooms) to any visitor, either student or non-student, when such use, because of its duration or frequency, constitutes a de facto sub-contracting of College facilities to an unauthorized person. Guests are permitted for a maximum of three consecutive days.

No student is authorized to permit use of college housing facilities (including rooms) for any visitor, either student or non-student, when such use becomes a source of complaint to the roommate(s), members of the floor/residence hall, or College staff. The host student has complete responsibility for all guests. Students accused of violating this policy may be subject to judicial action and termination of room contract without refund. The visitor either, student or non student, will be immediately removed from College housing and may be prohibited from returning to the college campus.


Each resident hall is equipped with fire detection and suppression equipment. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor as well as within each apartment that has a kitchen. Extinguishers are inspected monthly. The fire alarm systems automatically report any fire alarms directly to the Safety and Security Office. All alarms are quickly investigate by Safety and Security Officers to determine the cause of the alarm.