A.C.T.O.R. – A Continued Talk on Race an open discussion series branching from conversations held at eRace coordinated by DPE and a sponsoring student organization. This discussion forum provides an opportunity for students to come together to speak openly and honestly about race and difference. The intent is that each person walks away from the discussion feeling challenged, educated, informed, enlightened, or maybe even uncomfortable.


DPE Meet and Greet – informal meetings used to better connect with DPE. This time is also a way for DPEs to get a sense of programs needed on campus.


Facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives  

  • Social Justice Institute
    • The Social Justice Institute is an intensive, two day learning experience for Gettysburg students to explore personal and group identity, examine today’s societal injustices, and promote social action through civic engagement. Facilitated by committed staff and peer educators, the inaugural weekend retreat (February 8-9, 2013) will bring together passionate students who desire to gain a better understanding of social justice and to be a change agent on campus.  


  • FYE Convocation
    • The DPEs will provide a fun and educational skit imitating bias behaviors of varying scales. The primary goal is to provide students with information on bystander intervention and provide practical ways to intervene.


  • Citizenship Discussion
    • There is no room for incivility in our communities. When such behaviors take place in the Residence Halls, the College works to promote student learning about what it means to be part of a community and how their actions impact others.  This approach is consistent with the Citizenship Pillars which include Respect, Embracing Conflict, Owning Your Choices, and Making a Positive Difference.  

Residence Life professional staff, along with RAs and DPEs facilitate discussions focusing  on the needs of individuals and the community to be successful and how individual actions positively or negatively impact the community.  This meeting is not punitive in nature, but educational and meant to be a dialogue with those involved. 


Servo Talks – Servo (the dining center) is historically perceived to be divided social groups. During Servo Talks the DPE members walk around Servo and identify random tables/groups to sit with. Once with a group of their peers they engage the group in questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Well-Intended People – This program is a play-off of Dr. Maura Cullen’s book “35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say.” Using cut outs of cardboard people bearing facts and stories of some of the bias incidents that have occurred on this campus, the DPEs will stand in Stine Lake to help students process some of these stories. The intent is to help educate their peers so that we as a community can stop contributing to the marginalization of others on this campus.