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Welcome to Gettysburg College!  We hope that your first days and weeks here will be an exciting opportunity to learn about this unique place.  You will certainly meet many new people; student, faculty and staff.  You will quickly find that Gettysburg is a community that is focused on student learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Gettysburg students are engaged in and involved in many co-curricular clubs, organizations and athletic teams.  Students find many opportunities within our community to socialize with one another.  Online communities such as Facebook and MySpace have helped students at Gettysburg and other schools connect in many ways. Through these online communities, students have met other students with similar interests, formed groups to explore and celebrate specific interests, and transformed the ways in which we communicate. We understand the importance of these communities to the students at Gettysburg.

At the same time, there are some cautionary lessons that have emerged from participating in online communities. We advise you to use discretion when posting personal information on the internet. As a result, students should be aware of the following.

  1. When posting to the world wide web, keep in mind that you cannot ensure who does and does not have access to your information.
  2. Information you post on the web may remain there even after you erase or delete the information from your profile or blog.
  3. Future employers, graduate schools and other organizations may consider information posted on the web in making decisions about employment, admission, etc.
  4. Anyone with an email address may gain access to the Gettysburg community, including photos.  Use the settings feature on these sites to limit who can access your information.
  5. By agreeing to the terms of use, online communities have your permission to republish your content in other locations and share information with third parties, advertisers and law enforcement.
  6. Your profile will be a part of how others know you -- please keep that in mind as you use Facebook, MySpace and other online communities.

Helpful Hints

  • Avoid posting phone numbers and address information
  • Avoid posting information regarding your whereabouts
  • Be selective with the content of the information you post
  • Make sure that the information and photos you post do not violate law or College policy
  • Be advised that you should seek permission to post information and photos of other people and they should likewise seek permission from you to post information or photos of you
  • Make sure you do not post slanderous or libelous information about others
  • Be aware that information posted is available to anyone with internet access including potential employers


Questions?  Contact the College Life Office in CUB220 or at x6900.


Adapted from Georgetown University