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Green dots for those too busy to do green dots

  • Send a mass email to your contact list with a simple message, "This issue is important to me and I believe in the goal of reducing violence."
  • Change your email signature line to include the statement, "Proud to be a Green Dot supporter" and include the link to this website.
  • Make a donation to a local rape crisis center or domestic violence shelter and write, "Green Dot supporter" in the memo line.
  • Next time you are walking to class with a friend, have one conversation and tell them that ending violence matters to you.
  • Add a "Green Dot supporter" statement on your Facebook profile.
  • Make an announcement to a group or organization you are involved in, telling them about Green Dot.
  • Put a Green Dot on your door so people will know you are a Green Dot supporter.
  • Make Green Dot the topic of a paper or speech you have to do for a class.