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During training, participants will receive a comprehensive approach to responding to and preventing power-based personal violence. The goal is for this training is to engage in a basic education program that will equip you to integrate moments of prevention within existing relationships and daily activities. By doing so, new norms will be introduced and those within your inner circle will be  influenced to move from passive agreement that violence is wrong, to active intervention. This training was designed for students, but all are welcome.

Bystander trainings count for CYC credit (fall dates only), Points Forgiveness with prior approval from Student Rights and Responsibilities, and these trainings can count as educational sessions for Greek Life. Please keep in mind that trainings are not mandatory and you should only come if you are interested in the topic.

Fall 2017 Training Dates will be on September 24, October 21 (Point Forgiveness) and November 5.  To sign up for any training, contact live_it@gettysburg.edu and we will send more details.

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