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Register to Vote in Pennsylvania

PA voter registration forms are available online (PDF) or at the Registrar’s office in the CUB.

To register as a voter in Gettysburg, complete the entire form, carefully following these instructions for areas (4) and (5):

Box (4a)        
Address of residence :
300 North Washington Street, campus mailbox #
Gettysburg, PA  17325

Box (4b)         
Phone number:          
Although this box is labeled as “optional”, students should provide their personal phone number.  This will allow local election officials to contact you more easily if there are any issues/questions regarding your voter registration form.

Box (4c)         
Gettysburg Borough


Box (5)          
Mailing address :       
“Same as address of residence”

Completed forms should be signed, dated, and mailed to: 

Adams County Elections/Voter Registration Office, 1st floor

Adams County Courthouse

111-117 Baltimore Street, Room 106

Gettysburg, PA   17325-2312

Registration deadlines vary from state to state, but the norm is 30 days prior to the election.  For PA voter registration: Voter registration forms must be received by October 9  and  must have proper postage.

Do NOT put an out-of-state driver's license number on a Pennsylvania voter registration form. Leave the driver license box empty unless you have a Pennsylvania driver’s license.

Voter registration ID mailer sent to you: First time registrants or change of address registrants receive a mailer card confirming their registration, address and voting place. Getting the mailer also indicates that you are actually enrolled to vote at the voting place for that precinct. If you don't get a confirmation ID mailer card within 14 days of registration, you should call the Adams County Voter Registration Office at 717-337-9832 and request immediate action on your registration form.

Unsure how you registered here before?:  If you have registered here before but forgotten where you said you reside, you can call the Adams County Voter Registration Office at 717-337-9832.

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