Why Women's Leadership

Despite the significant advances women have gained in the United States over past decades from social changes and legislation mandating equity in the workplace, women still trail far behind men in leadership positions from elected officials to commerce. Current statistics show that less than 5% of all American CEOs are women, women make .76 cents to the dollar that a man in the same job earns, and the United States’ elected leadership continues at an 80-86% male/20-14% female representation. What research conducted by the American Association of University Women demonstrates is that leadership in the workplace, and in all aspects of society, begins with leadership at the college level.  In order to make girls into national women leaders and executives in their chosen careers, and thus change the gender gap, leadership skill-building, education, and mentoring needs to occur before graduating college. The WLP addresses the specific needs of women so that our women students will have the skills and knowledge to successfully lead in whatever life path or career they choose to follow.