Women's Center Mission and Vision

Women's Center Facade


The Women's Center is dedicated to supporting the fullest expression of women's and transwomen's potentials in their interpersonal, professional, and leadership experiences for a lifetime. 



The Women's Center of Gettysburg College has a dream that inspires everything we do--every program, event, group discussion, club meeting, and campaign. The vision we hold for our College, our communities, and for this world is a dream already acted upon by people, known and unknown, on every continent and across the centuries. From St. Joan of Arc to Mary Wollstonecraft to Sojourner Truth to Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Margaret Sanger to Mother Jones to Rachel Carson to Mary Daly to Audre Lorde to Gloria Anzaldua to Chief Wilma Mankiller to Rigoberta Menchu Tum, we have heard and heeded the call of this dream.

We know that we are only one small group of students, faculty, and administrators, the faces changing with every year as we students graduate and leave Gettysburg, but with each season we gather and then disperse the deep purpose of our dream into the larger world. With each semester, our dream gets broader and stronger. We invite you to join us in this journey--in unity. Everyone is needed-- including YOU.


The Gettysburg College Women's Center has a dream.... 

  • We dream and put into action our belief in a world where all human beings are given equal opportunity and access to realizing their full human gifts, talents, and potential—and where all our national institutions fully represent the diversity of human identity and potential.
  • We envision a world where all people live in safety and their basic human needs are met.
  • We dream of a world where no one uses sex to harm another person.
  • We envision a world where women are evaluated on our character and the fruits of our labor rather than our appearance.
  • We envision a world where all victims of abuse can overcome feelings of shame and guilt, and in healing become empowered to break the silence and raise awareness.
  • We dream of a society where oppressive norms and expectations surrounding gender roles are challenged and defeated.
  • We envision a marketplace where women earn wages equal to our work.
  • We envision all human partnerships based on mutual respect, love, and dignity.
  • We envision a government that sets policies to specifically protect individuals based on our gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and national origin.
  • We dream of a world where a woman's sexuality is her own.
  • We believe in a world that teaches children to choose their sexual orientation and gender, not adhere to a social norm based solely on biology.
  • We dream of a community where women and all people, regardless of gender identity, race, and religious affiliation, can walk safely at night.
  • We educate for a world where men see themselves as our partners in our work for safety and equality.
  • We see this work as everyone's work. 


Our work is a human rights issue that affects everyone's quality of life and determines the future of America.

Join us in strengthening the work of our dream by participating in Women’s Center events, being an ally, educating your friends, speaking up in your class—these small steps are what eventually make a big difference in our world.  


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