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The Women's and LGBTQA Resource Center Staff


Valentina Cucuzza, Women’s Center Director and Violence Prevention Coordinator

Phone: 717-337-6998

Tiffany Lane, Director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education

Phone: 717-337-7577

Kara DeFriece, Senior Administrative Assistant, College Life

Phone: 717-337-6908


2017-2018 Student Staff

Program Coordinators
Jenny Enos ‘18, Women’s Center

Caroline Lewis ‘18, Women’s Center

Katherina Naham '18, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education

Daniella Snyder ‘18, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education

Women’s and LGBTQA Resource Center Staff

Sarah Bradley  ‘19, Office Assistant

Michael Deleon ‘18, Office Assistant

Keyshla Guillon ‘19, Office Assistant

Daniel Wright ‘18, Office Assistant