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The Women's and LGBTQA Resource Center Staff


Valentina Cucuzza, Women’s Center Director and Violence Prevention Coordinator

Phone: 717-337-6998

Tiffany Lane, Director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education

Phone: 717-337-7577

Kara DeFriece, Senior Administrative Assistant, College Life

Phone: 717-337-6908


2017-2018 Student Staff

Program Coordinators
Jenny Enos ‘18, Women’s Center

Caroline Lewis ‘18, Women’s Center

Lars Healy ‘20, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education

Daniella Snyder ‘18, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education

Women’s and LGBTQA Resource Center Staff

Sarah Bradley  ‘19, Office Assistant

Nora Coyne ‘17, Office Assistant

Michael Deleon ‘18, Office Assistant

Keyshla Guillon ‘19, Office Assistant

Daniel Wright ‘18, Office Assistant