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Vintage Art with Words





As softly the evening shadows

Are veiling the campus towers,

We come, a band of good fellows,

To sing in the twilight hours;

The silvery moonlight mantles

The worn walls of chapel anew,

The wind in the trees sweetly echoes

Our praises of Orange and Blue.

Whenever thy loyal ones gather,

To waken fond memory,

Our thoughts shall be turned Alma Mater,

Old Gettysburg back to thee;

Forever am I thy debtor,

And whatever else I may do,

I’ll love! I’ll defend! And I’ll honor

The glorious Orange and Blue.



Sheet Music



  • The alma matter is available in two styles, vintage art and as sheet music.
  • The vintage art is always paired with the words to the alma mater.
  • The sheet music should only be used on pieces that are 8.5" x 11" or larger. Readability is diminished when the music is reproduced at a smaller size.
  • The vintage art comes from the cover of the original printed sheet music. In 2004, the class years were changed from ‘66, ‘22, ‘24 to 1866, 1922, and 1924.