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What do we mean when we say, Do great work? For more than 175 years, thousands of men and women have emerged from Gettysburg College as the hope of their generations. Today's Gettysburg students are strong new links in that unbroken chain of accomplishment.

At Gettysburg College, learning often means doing - doing everything.  Talk to our students and ask them what they do.  They'll tell you about their discoveries - how they tried rock climbing, spent a semester in Japan, or ran for student senate.  They'll describe how they discovered that they are debaters, biologists, performers, fluent Spanish speakers, peer advisers, and team captains.  Talk to them enough and you'll quickly see that this is a campus of doing.

Why do?  Do enough and something happens.  Do enough and you start to develop lifelong friends, expertise, mastery, valuable skills, and leadership.  There's a method to all our doing madness at Gettysburg - it's how we inspire students to do well and with passion, to do with excellence and purpose, and to strive to be great.

Why be great?  Because there's serious work to be done.  In November of 1863, Abraham Lincoln came to Gettysburg to honor those who had died in battle.  Lincoln encouraged his audience to look forward and asked for their dedication to the "unfinished work" that was still ahead - the great work of securing and advancing democracy and lifting the nation out of conflict.

The great tasks before us are different.  Our world needs a new generation of thinkers and doers who care about making great progress.  We need to be inspired by dedicated judges, doctors, scientists, leaders, teachers, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, technologists, managers, artists, and more.  At Gettysburg, we believe a college education should prepare you to be great and to do great work.

Do Great Work Signature Art

The official signature blocks can be obtained from the Office of Communications & Marketing. Please do not attempt to recreate the artwork. 

"Do Great Work" larger design

  • In communications, it can dominate the design of the layout and should be used when a bolder approach to Do Great Work is intended.
  • It is a distinct piece of art, never to be used as part of a graphic unit with the wordmark or any other College identifier.
  • It is to be used as a graphic element with other College branding and is up to the Office of Communications & Marketing as to when it can be used on a piece.

"Do Great Work" small rectangular tag

  • In communications, it should never dominate the design of the layout. It will be omnipresent, but subtle and therefore proportionately small given the size of the overall piece of communications. See the chart below for specifications.
  • It is a distinct piece of art, never to be used as part of a graphic unit with the wordmark or any other College identifier.
  • The three words should always remain intact.
  • The Signature Block is always "attached" to an edge or a line within the overall layout.
  • The Signature Block always appears level (reads horizontal left to right) or is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise from level.