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A distinct public image is an invaluable asset to any organization, and a positive perception of Gettysburg College athletics will contribute to the continued success and growth of the sports program, retail sales at the College Bookstore, and the entire College.

Reproduction from authorized artwork
To assure proper reproduction, use only authorized artwork supplied by the Office of Communications & Marketing. Artwork is available in the form of EPS (postscript) files in positive and negative and in a range of common sizes. Laser printouts of the electronic EPS files are not an acceptable form of authorized artwork.

When reproducing the Bullets graphic identity, always use the approved artwork. For intermediate sizes not
available on the authorized files, always reduce from the larger original.

Bullets signature
In all circumstances associated with the Gettysburg College athletic program, the Bullets logo is the primary identifier. To reinforce the relationship between Gettysburg College and the Bullets, the College name should
appear whenever possible. The Gettysburg College athletic program's primary signature is comprised of the Bullets logo and the College name, which has been specially designed in a compatible bold italic font.

In some printed materials, both the wordmark and the Bullets logo may appear, but they should be on the front and back, or top and bottom of the page respectively.

Proper use of color for the Gettysburg College Bullets logo provides a recognizable and unified appearance. The approved colors for the logo are PMS 294 (blue) and PMS 158 (orange). When cost or reproduction are factors, the logo may appear in black. No other colors may be specified. For reverse printing or overprinting, the
logotype should appear in a field of PMS 294, PMS 158, or black.

In certain applications when a one-color version of the bullets logo is used, care should be taken to feature the other companion PMS color in an accent or in the actual uniform color. For example, when reproducing the logo in PMS 294 (Blue), the uniform should be orange or white with orange trim, to match PMS 158.