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All College communications, including email, are a reflection of the institution. Consequently, it is important that email messages sent from College accounts are professional in appearance.

The following is to be observed when sending email:

• All messages sent should carry no background image.
• Tag lines should be nothing more than name, address, and phone numbers. There should be no literary quotations, Bible passages, or other statements that are a reflection of the individual rather than the College.
• Fonts used should be Bembo, Akzidenz, Garamond, Univers, Times, Helvetica, or Verdana. Do not use fonts that mimic handwriting, are especially flowery, or are otherwise difficult to read.
• All messages should be in black. You may use yellow or blue to highlight certain key words or passages. Do not use these colors, however, for the full message.
• For external messages, there should be a salutation and a signature.
• Do not add any decorative clip art to your messages.