Members of the Office of Communications & Marketing serve as liaisons or point of contacts to various departments and offices on campus. The liaison meets with each assigned area at least once a semester to discuss possible news or story ideas, programmatic or event-driven content, and to share general information or updates. The liaison may or may not be the one to produce content. Considerations for content are vetted weekly by the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Mike Baker,
Associate Director of Communications

Office of the President, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Management, Mathematics, Sociology, Sunderman Conservatory, Theatre Arts, Garthwait Leadership Center, Majestic Theater

Sue Baldwin-Way,
Director of Development Communications

Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations Division

Paul Fairbanks,
Director of Creative Services
Center for Public Service, College Life Division, Experiential Education

Miranda Harple,
Assistant Director of Creative Services - Multimedia Specialist
Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Globalization Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Affairs

Hang Lian,
Associate Director of Creative Services

Art and Art History, Art Gallery

Shawna Sherrell,
Senior Assistant Director of Creative Services

Classics; French; German; Italian; Latin American Studies; Religious Studies; Spanish; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kasey Varner,
Assistant Director of Communications
Civil War Institute, Civil War Era Studies

Emily Wass,
Associate Director of Creative Services
Library, Special Collections, Facilities, Conference Services

Jamie Yates,
Director of Communications & Media Relations
The Gettysburg Review, Career Development, Psychology, Philosophy, Advancing Science, Biology, Chemistry, Office of the Provost, Physics, Scholarships & Fellowships, English, Intercultural Advancement, Center for Global Education, Eisenhower Institute, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, History, LGBTQA Advocacy & Education, Political Science, Public Policy