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Design (print materials, signs, advertisements, graphics, promotional materials, etc.)
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Video (event/program promotion)
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If your project requires images, please browse the Communications & Marketing photo gallery.

What is the date, time, and duration of your photographic need or event?

On what platform will these photos appear? Examples may include but are not limited to online, publications, social media, etc.

What do your images need to include? Please be specific with regards to people, moments, events, action, headshots, candids, etc.

Before requesting photography, explore the Communications & Marketing photo gallery and the Gettysburg College photo gallery. The photo you need may already be there.

Due to volume, we unfortunately can't accommodate all requests. Priority will be based on the following criteria:

  • Appeal to specific audiences
  • Timeliness
  • The College's Strategic Directions & key marketing messages
  • Planned usage of the photo; cell phone photos are usually adequate for social media use
  • The mix of events and subjects currently being promoted

Requests must be received three business days in advance. We will provide cropping, sizing (if you specify), and basic enhancement. We will email images to you or use other means if size requires. Processing generally takes at least five days.

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New web project - new mini-site or domain
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