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First Proof

You review overall design and layout, photo selection, type size, and text.

Next steps

Select design. If more than one design concept is presented, select and approve one. Contact the designer with any questions or to discuss the design.

Review text. If you have extensive changes the designer will request that the changes be submitted in a new electronic Word document format.

Have all groups that need to sign off on concept(s) including Associate VP's and Division VP been shown this proof?

Provide accurate printing quantity. An accurate quantity allows the designer to obtain an accurate cost. The quote will be supplied with the second proof.

Second Proof

You confirm that your requested changes have been made.

You should not need to make extensive changes at this time.

Next step:

Return second proof with any edits to copy/text, photography, or minor layout adjustments to the designer.

Third Proof

You confirm edits. This is the final proof before the designer preps the files for the printer. Any changes made at this point could incur substantial cost and affect deadline.

You should not need to make extensive changes at this time

Next step:

Return third proof to designer.

Print Production Schedule

You will receive a print production schedule from the designer. Note the schedule for the review of the printer's proof. Your project will not be printed until you have reviewed and signed off on the printer's proof.

Printer's Proof

You will be notified when the proof arrives and your sign-off is needed within 24 hours.