Communications & Marketing provides editorial guidance to the college community for all college publications. For more information please contact Jamie Yates, Director of Communications & Media Relations at 337-6801.

Style Guide
To help make all College communications coherent and effective, the staff in the Office of Communications & Marketing has produced this brief style guide.

On matters not addressed here, we defer to the Chicago Manual of Style for general writing, editing, and publishing guidelines, and to the Associated Press Stylebook for common practices in journalistic writing. Our preferred dictionary is the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.

For assistance with spelling proper names of prominent individuals, corporations, or trademarks, the web can be a valuable resource. Always be careful, however, when consulting web sources and choose sites most likely to provide reliably accurate and authoritative information. For example, when seeking proper spelling and usage of names of Microsoft products, the Microsoft website is the most reliable resource.